Meticulous Scribbles
Freelance Illustration


Wild Drawing.

I fell into illustration as a means of escape after a long period of severe ill health culminating in a series of major operations. However this turned out to be blessing in disguise as I am moving to make this my full time occupation.

I'm eager to work on anything from collaborations, custom projects or anything between. Just drop me a message if you're interested!

Hello, my name is Joseph. Originally from Southampton, I studied at Portsmouth University on their Illustration degree course.

Now under the name of Meticulous Scribbles, I create and produce illustrative work both hand drawn and computer aided. I also design and make objects and artefacts from a wide range of materials.

I find influence from many different artists both past and present but also from everyday visuals. Focused mainly down to bold design and block colours, repeating designs and motifs and stylistic typography.