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A new beginning.

So...... A long long time ago in a University far far away, I was studying on an Illustration degree. After a series of unfortunate events I found myself in a position where my compromised health no longer allowed me to continue my studies.  Though one day i will make it back!

With a vast amount of time on my hands and nought to do but recover, I have decided to continue with my studies and Illustrative work, albeit with myself as both the faculty and student body combined.  I have started this blog to record my progress in both health and production of work.

So here it goes, my first tentative baby steps.  I welcome all comments, criticisms and comments. In fact in a way I crave it.  

Watch this space, I thank you all.


 For those interested, the illness I suffered came at me out of the blue with such speed and unexpectedness that it still seems a bit surreal when I think back to it. The condition is called Budd Chiari, this is where a blood clot forms in either the Hepatic or Portal vein within the Liver,  which can lead to the deterioration of the Liver.  In my case the deterioration reached a point where the liver itself was so badly damaged that the only course of action was to undergo a liver transplant. Not a small procedure. This was done by the fantastic transplant team up at Kings college Hospital. All in all I spent the best part of 2014 in hospital, being transferred between Southampton General and Kings college hospital in London. I had a lot of time to think and ponder the details and aspects of my life that usually pass unnoticed.  That is part of the reason why I wanted to do this Blog and to give my Illustration a real go!