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There are a number of people and artists out there that really inspire me to make and create work.  One of my favorites is Sebastien Feraut, aka Niark1 based in Paris, France.  His work is so bright and bold that I cannot help but be drawn to it.  I first stumbled across his work when I received one of his posters as present for my 23rd birthday the infamous 'Cosmic Bird', See below, and I was hooked.

It is the type of work that have always wanted to produce and it spurred me on to learn how to use Adobe Illustrator and to work out the ins and outs of the enigmatic program.  His work encompasses all areas of the Illustrative world, from digital to hand drawn and even murals.

At first glance the use of block colour and bold lines makes the image appear simple and appealing drawing you in, it is only when one pays closer attention that the intricacies become apparent and really jump out at you. 

I love the monster characters that dominate his work, they have real depth and a liveliness to them that I sometimes find lacking in my own drawings.  More importantly they are fun and for me that is by far the most important aspect to illustrative work.  

I urge you to delve into the archives and past work on his site. Again found here.

                                                                                                               Cosmic Bird