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We made a game!

This project took place a little while back, so this post is a little late. I apologize for that!

Anyway.....The other week myself, Mr Jack Harrison and Mr Christopher Roberts put together a game as part of the Ludum Dare Jam 32 compo.  Which is where people from all over the world take part to produce games and upload them for others to play and rate.  

This was my first time taking part, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would jump at the chance to do it all again.  The guys have already taken part in a few compos and produced a backlog of fun and fantastic games, which can be found here.

After a pleasant morning filled with coffee and an amazing bowl of gourmet porridge, courtesy of Chef le Jack, we got down to some serious planning.  The top voted theme turned out to be 'An unconventional weapon', even though many wanted it to be 'Companion'. Our end idea emerged as a flashlight toting little robot, named Protobot 554, exploring a battered old space hulk.

My part in the project was to supply the artwork, which I feel was the easiest of all the jobs going. Unfortunately my poor old body gave out on the second day and I was unable to take a further part in the production process.  However with what I had managed to produce the guys, with great skill, put together a very workable game. You can Play it here! Go on give it a go. Please!

Out of the work I did manage to produce My two favorite pieces were these'

Firstly at Chris' behest 'something like a space bat squidy thing'. So here it is;

Space Bat Squid.

And of course our little boy;