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May the 4th.....

So it's that day of the year again where we can run around surreptitiously telling one another 'May the 4th be with you' *snigger*. To see who, if any, are part of the secret club.  Though these days it's become just another thing to throw up on ones twitter page to show how cool and with one is.  Dont get me wrong I like that we have a day for Star Wars and the trailer for No.7 looks amazing.  It even gives me the tingles.

Moving swiftly on, the real reason for todays post is that it's Monday and Mondays mean Game of Thrones night!  Where our little group will sit down diligently and absorb the latest episode.  It's become a 'Thing' we do for which I am glad, it's far more fun and entertaining to sit silently with people in a dark room rather than by one's self.

Season % has been pretty good so far, the characters I love the most are getting a good amount of screen time.  And my favorite duo, Brean and Podrick, are finally bonding.  I have been told time and time again to read the books because 'it's soooooo much better than the Tv series, blah blah blah'  and I will.  But not until it's all finished, I like the Tv series as it is.  And not knowing what is coming next makes it all the more exciting and enjoyable. When I do get around to reading the series I can look back fondly and say to myself 'ah I remember that bit, so this is how to really happens'.

So yeah, onwards with the series!