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The 10th hole!

I've spent the last few days in Southsea, seeing the sights and enjoying places and food.  Today's outing was t take the lovely miss Lucy out to lunch at 10th hole.  Things have changed since las I was there. The menu was a little different but still pretty tasty and sitting in the new conservatory was definitely a step up from a gloomy interior table.

The weather came out to liven things up and to make sure I drank as much of Red Berry Ice Tea as I could decently intake.  Got to say I still love this place, and so does everyone else it seems. I've never not been here and have the place not crowded.

But let us not forget about the cakes.  The menu of standard food may have altered but their selection of over stuffed and decadent cakes remains the same.  My final treat for miss Lucy was a slice of Mars cheese cake, refused at first, but accepted after a token resistance.

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