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The Viking game!

We had a tradition, back when I lived in King street and Shanklin Road, Southsea.  That whenever we would grace the King Street Tavern with our presence, the Viking Game would be the first and only game to be played! I try to make sure I go back and play it at least a few times each year.  Just to make sure they don't get rid of it. In fact anyone I have taken there has been forced to learn and then play said game.

Let me explain, the Viking game is kind like a cross between chess and checkers in essence but is, in fact, far more complicated than that.  It is part of a genre of old norse board games that feature armies of uneven sizes facing off on a checkered board.  Most usually one side, that of the lesser numbers, will have a King piece that must escape the battlefield or perform a specific task.

More information to be found here, on Good old Wikipedia should you wish to learn  more.

Anyhoo, I love his game and implore you all to go out and find it to give it a try.  I find it requires a slightly different set of tactics and strategies to that of chess and checkers. A refreshing change I think you'll find and not only because I win more often than not!