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Mini projects.


Following on from Oliver Jeffers’ project on his BOOK. Where he and three other artists, over the course of a year they pass the book back and forth to each other. Taking inspiration from the previous persons image they create their own piece and then pass the whole book onto the next person.

Aim to try a similar thing with a group of people. The work in the book could be anything from written word to images.

Visual map of Mystirium. How to visualise the the flow of the game in a 2D medium.

Look into how to set up a Moth style story slam in Southsea. Can I produce posters for the stories being told?

Find the transcripts of the Moth stories. Can I make a few posters for the stories on the Moth podcast stories?

Props and artefacts that when brought together tell a kind of visual narrative. All linking in someway so that the story can be read and understood in multiple directions.

How can I tell a fictional history of an item visually. focus on books and paperwork.

Designs for my own tarot cards?

Junji ito style horror images. Focuses on what is intangeble about ourselves to scare us. We can see ourselves in the protagonists. Things happen without any discernible reason to the people in the story. We read the story he is telling and collaborate with him by placing ourself into the story. How can I produce my own images to get this narrative across.

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